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BALLROOM DANCER (to line dance and other music)

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Brian Carter in August 2007

My name is Brian Carter from Eastbourne, East Sussex.  I am a modest social level Ballroom and Latin American dancer and a country music fan.


I took Ballroom and Latin American dance lesson in the early 1970's when I learnt the bronze medal routines to the various dances, and practised these at various socials at this time.  I have not had a lesson since, but have continued to dance socially the same routines that I learnt all those 35 years ago.


I am a lifetime country music fan, and have been going to country clubs and holiday venue country music holidays since my early twenties where I have continued to practice my ballroom and latin american dances.


By the mid-1980’s, Western Dance (including line dancing and western couple dances) was introduced in the United Kingdom and I became interested in this type of dancing as well.


I still go to line dance and country music clubs but the type of dancing carried out is now mainly Western Dancing, and I became a keen line dancer and western couple dancer. I taught Western Dance for six year from 1996 to 2001 as an Instructor but have now mainly retired from coaching.


I have never lost my love for Ballroom and Latin American dancing, and I have continued to dance my ballroom and latin american routines at line dance and country music clubs as well dancing the western dances.